Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lushies I LOVE U

Oh yes oh yes :) Another lush haul. Lately I've been wearing really simple eye make up and a bright lip because i just don't have time in the morning to do much more .. also I feel starting out a new course with new people Subtle make up is more suitable. Oh and .. i like sleeping in my bed rather than getting up 20 mins before i have to , to do more make up.
Instead I've been treating myself to Lush baths , hair masks and smells :P

Top left is H'suan Wen Hua , its a hair moisturising mask and you put it on dry hair for 20 mins before you shampoo and condition as normal. As I have said in other posts .. I actually have quite oily hair but there is no harm in giving your hair a treat as long as you rinse thoroughly. This left my hair Soft and shiny I was very pleased, and my hair smelt amazing even for 2days after using the product. Apparently this product contains Bay leaves , bananas and avocado but I find the most obvious scent in my nose and hair was Cinnamon. Truly lovely , I would purchase again but not use regularly due to having oily hair. This cost £7.60 for 225g

Bottom left is my fave soap from lush , The godmother. Sorry the picture doesn't show the soap but I already have one open and this is my back up for when it runs out, check out a pic Here. If your a fan of lush .. or maybe someone has bought you a Christmas box set one year , you will know they do a shower gel called "Snow fairy" This is the soap version. I actually bought this about a year and a half ago but forgot about it , then a friend bought me Snow fairy xmas past and I was gutted to find out it is limited to xmas and re-discovered The godmother :)
My only Teeeeny Tiny gripe about this is it takes a bit of scrubbing to get a good lather on your skin. Obviously these come in different sizes so different prices :)

Along the top is Tuca Tuca , my new Love! I got a sample of this perfume I wrote about it in this Post. All I can say is I've been wearing nothing else , its a great sweet perfume, This is my 2nd purchase of the 11ml bottle and that's not because the first ran out its just because i Love it :) It IS available in a bigger size but i like that i can pop this in my make up bag or handbag easily. :)

And lastly two bubble bars/bomb The Comforter and Amandopondo. The comforter is big enough for two baths .. i usually split my bathos bubble bars in two anyway , so the comforter could easily be used for 3. I only used a 3rd of the bar for my bath below :) Piink , Smells of blackcurrants covered in cream and .. really is comforting lol , I love how its almost like a smoothie.
As for Amandopondo I got bought one of these for Xmas and I haven't bought it since , not because i didn't like it , I kind of just forgot about it. Its rose and lemon Mmmm , I will give you a better description and pic when I use this :)

Hope this helps XXX

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Wedding fun and Make up

As i said in my post yesterday I was at a wedding this weekend :) , and i went violet :P I invested in some Sugarpill products .... Poison Plum being one (review later) ... but i love the way this look turned out ...

Smokey Purple :)
My hair was in a side bun and my purple fascinator
Complete look?
What do you think XXX

N.O.T.D Back to School/ College / Uni

I know alot of the american bloggers and YouTuber's done back to school stuff ages ago , but I only went back yesterday Sooo I thought i do a little nail of the day. A while ago I saw JulieG doing back to school nails , with a little school bus , an apple , ruler etc etc .. I changed it up a bit but stole her apple idea as it was pretty simple to do and very very cute :) Please click to see the picture better.
So I used Barry M Mushroom as my background and only placed an apple on my ring finger's. I used a kind of shimmer red from rimmel and Barry M Spring green for the leaf, I used a cuticle stick to draw/paint. I was really really pleased with the result ... what do you think? XXX

Monday, 6 September 2010

Sorry For Neglecting youuu

Well hello , I have been a Terrible terrible blogger. I have been so so busy, heading back to study , trying to find time to work and having a wedding to go to , and looking after the family cat :P
Amongst all that I truly have bought soo much and not had enough time to catch up on any of it , so I'm going to start tonight With a little "back to school" F.O.T.D , Including some contouring which ... I actually am really loving now :).

I used the E.L.F Cool Bronzer for contouring , Sleek Gel liner in Dominatrix , NYX Doll Eye mascara , E.L.F Lip plumping glaze (but only used the colour side and not the gloss).
What do you think of my attempt at contouring ??
Please click photos for a better view. Again So so sorry I've been rubbish. I'll catch up on my reviews and purchases 2moro :) Thank you all for reading XXX

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Maquilagem masstige UD and Jane GIVEAWAY

This is a quick post to let you know about the excellent giveaway happening over at Maquilagem masstige. Lots of lovely things :) Please head over to this ladys blog as she is catering for the student in all of us and comparing a lot of high end products to dupe drugstore ones :)

Visit here for the Giveaway post :) XXX

Sunday, 22 August 2010

HELP With Contouring PLEASEE

Hi there folks , I'm asking as a favour a question to all that read my blog ..... I have never ever contoured my face before , but i really really want to try it out ..... here is the thing though. I have NO matte bronzers or highlighters etc , all shimmer shimmer and I'd like it to look natural.

For a contouring "kit" or two separate products which would i be best going for ? for my first time? (ohhh sounds naughty)
Even if no one can tell me the best things to try , can anyone maybe tell me who is best to ask ? like which make up counters actually help ....... I usually love the mac ladies ... HATE the benefit ones lol (no offence i used to work at benefit I know you are told to jump down ppls throat upon arrival at a store or counter lol)

Any tips , hints , help will be very very much appreciated.
Thanks Guys xxxx

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Eyeko Nail polishes

Im sure all beauty bloggers will have heard of eyeko nail polishes by now , I was very interested when I realised they are UK based! I found myself on there tonight making a few purchases , seeing as they are so affordable! I will obviously follow this up with a review on the polishes themselves.
You may have noticed an Eyeko Banner at the side of my blog now -----> over here -----> lol
well if you use this code you receive a free gift, I cant say what it is but hey better than no free gift huh?
You can also sign up yourself as an ambassador , but please take note and use my code if you are buying anything , It would make my day :) Thanks again to my 17 little followers :)

N.O.T.D Using e.l.f

I found myself a little bored tonight and done a french mani with a twist. What do you think? I really love it and it looks alot better in real light ... Please click on the photo to enlarge and you shall see the tips are deffo plum and not black.
I used Mod Mauve and Plum , and i think the two colours look lovely together.

Friday, 20 August 2010

E.O.T.D Pretty In Pink / plum

Yeah so maybe I like pink/Plum a bit much but , I liked this because its a bit more of a dramatic Night time pink eye. (lol pink eye i love south park too much) Please Click to see bigger picture Anyway , I used :

Eyeshadows :
Mac Pigment in Pink Opal for highlight and Inner corner
Body shop NEW Baked to last eye shadow in Quartz for the lid (review on this product coming soon)
Everyday Minerals eye shadow in Art girl (loveee) for the crease colour
And Clinique Cream eye shaper in starry plum as my Top liner

I left my lips neutral just with burt's bees radiance shimmer lip again

And MAC cremeblush in ladyblush on my cheeks.
Nyx Doll eye mascara.

All these products can be found at the following sites :-
Clinique liner
NYX mascara
Body Shop Shadows
MAC Pigment and Blush
Burtsbees lip shimmer

4 Things tag!

I got tagged by Anna over at PinkPomPoms Please go give her site a read if you don't already. I'm so glad i got tagged because i was half way through reading her post thinking "awww this is a fun post" and then saw at the bottom i was tagged, yey.

4 Things In My Bag
1. My purse , always lost without this :P
2. My Sunglasses , they are in a pretty floral case so i love them.
3. My car/house keys.
4. My make up bag , i usually change whats in this everyday so its not huge just what i need for that day.

4 Things I found in my purse
1. No7 voucher already used 2 and had to give 1 away to my mum lol .
2. Numerous Receipt's , i don't mean to keep them it just happens.
3. My credit/debit card
4. Driving Licence

4 Favorite things in my bedroom
1. My vanity /dresser / mirror, I love having a dresser to have everything layed out on.
2. My bed .. its comfy and has fairy lights on it .. and a princess type curtain that hangs over ( i feel so sorry for my bf who is moving in with me shortly lol)
3. My wardrobe , It has no doors on it of those built in to the wall things , been meaning to put the doors back up but .... I like it better this way , I can see all my clothes easier lol.
4. My cat .. she's in here alot :P

4 Things I've always wanted to do
1. Own a cottage far away from anyone.
2. Learn how to make clootie dumpling.
3. Become quietly famous lol.
4. ... ok i just sat for at least 40 mins trying to think of something... I cant pretty much because I've done anything I've wanted to And at the moment I've nothing I've always wanted to do because I've done it. Lol

4 Things I'm Currently in to
1. Mineral Make up
2. Banana Bread MMMMM great with a Cuppa
3. Lush Tuca Tuca Perfume
4. Violet Lady Cocktails :) a New favorite.

4 Things I bet you didn't know about me
1. I wear an Insulin Pump (how American i know:P)
2. I've had open heart surgery.
3. I have OCD about the colours of food and placement of food on my plate.
4. I had a painting in the Glasgow kelvingrove art gallery when i was 8.

4 Songs I cant get out of my head
1. Katy B - Katy on a mission
2. Magnetic man - I need air
3. Arcade Fire - We used to wait
4. The hoosiers - Choices
(yes i listen to radio 1 alot in the car)

I am going to tag :-
Hannah @ Hannahs beautiful world
Becky @ Beckiangel
Aru @ Glamourous make up
I love shopping

Rules :
Once tagged you must link the person who tagged you .. I'm going to do mine again encase you never got it at the start ... Anna Pink pompoms
Tag 4 Other bloggers
and let them know they have been tagged :)
Give 4 answers to each question asked

Looking forward to your replies :)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

E.O.T.D Natural eye FRONTCOVER

This is a really simple natural eye i decided on today for work , I used the Frontcover Palette (please see my swatches pics of the front cover palette Here)
I used the top set of colours to create this look and lined my top line and waterline with the frontcover shadow line liquid dipped in Chocolate truffle from the palette.
My NYX Dolleye mascara ... and Benefit concealer

I like it , its a simple yet smokey look and isn't too harsh

Pic to the left is with flash , the middle and right picture are both in natural light.

Hope you like :)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sunny Afternoon Sipping Cocktails

Well yesterday afternoon was spent having some sushi for lunch with my best friend and her cousin. It was a great girly afternoon spent wondering the cosmetic counters followed by copious amounts of cocktails :S ...... and needless to say when the purse strings tightened we moved on to a cheap and cheerful student haunt with a beer garden.
My absolute Highlight of the day was my "Lady Violet" cocktail , if your an avid reader of my blog or know me personally you will know .... anything violet = Heaven for me. I love love love Violets. Ive never heard of or tried this cocktail before... does anywhere near you do these?
I got mine at Metropolitan in Glasgow's merchant city. There is a downloadable copy of their drinks/ cocktail menu on the site so please give them a visit.
Isn't this just so so pretty :) I <3 lady violet

E.O.T.D Smokey eye

Hi there to my lovely 17 readers :) Just wanted to show off this smokey grey / charcoal look.
I have been loving Mineral Make up at the moment so I got a few sample sizes of Everyday Minerals shadows.

My concealers /bases :-
Benefit "it" stick
Benefit "eye bright" (for brow bone and inner corners)
NYX White eyeshadow base

Shadows :-
Everyday minerals in - Weeping willow (crease and smudged out liner) and Queen anne's lace (highlight and lid colour)
No7 Silver dust ...... admittedly this is not sold anymore , i picked it up years ago , but Any shimmery silver dust would work as long as its not too glittery. (I used this as my brow highlight and inner corner)
Everyday minerals can be bought online "here"

Eyeliner :-
Sleek Ink pot in Dominatrix
This is a new product for me and so far I'm really pleased with it , its a definite dupe for MAC fluidline in blacktrak.
Whilst wet it smudges out beautifully and if left to dry it has a lovely finish... I also used this in my waterline and as its Waterproof it once needed touched up at the corners.
Please see my post on this "here"

Mascara :-
NXY Doll Eye mascara (Volume) in Black ..... I'm Still LOVING this please see review "here"

I kept lips plain with my Burt's Bee's radiance lip shimmer in the clear colour. Burts bees website.
And no blush on my cheeks , just a dusting of Everyday Minerals Fairly Light Original Glo base.
Let me know what you think and if you think i should take the plunge in to making videos?? I dont want to shell out on a good camera without being able to use it :P

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Eyeliner :)

I also popped in to superdrug today to buy my regular Liquid liner .... Its only £4.50 , its a great Dark black ... its never flaked .. faded ...smudged(yes if I'm crying Its not waterproof) I've always liked it, and it comes in several different colours ... I also have the Blue. From Barry M at superdrug or online Here .
My other purchase was from sleek make up (also available at superdrug) or buy online Here Id been thinking about buying Blacktrack from MAC's fluidline selection. This is a smaller tub but having checked sizes and prices Mac's is 3g for £12.50 and Sleek's little pot is 4g for £3.99..... Bargain. I think it works perfectly its very opaque and pigmented but if you don't let it dry its easily smudged out. This might need a further review as I have also read this dries out a lot quicker than the Mac version.
So we shall see in due course :P

MAC Haul

After saving up the pennies I've taken the plunge. I have to say (and this might not go down well with other make up addicts) Ive never really liked MAC... I found them overpriced and well.... not really worth their salt. BUT I'm trying again to buy in to the brand and Pigments is one area I'm particularly interested in seeing as I'm a Barry M dazzle dust addict. Also creme blushes and i thought may as well try the best and go from there. The paintpot was an impulse buy.
I bought the "pink opal" Pigment. I really love duo chrome type shadows , I've used The Body Shop's "shimmer" shadows in Purple , blue and green for years, these are a dupe for e.l.f Eyeshadow transformer or vice versa. I thought this pinkment (do you like what i did there ha ha) was very similar to the body shop shimmer shadow in purple which is pressed. Fact is i love pink/purple/ plum eyes (if you read my blog you might have already guessed). I this this is amazing , the pictures dont do it juctice at all , its almost holographic! and as a brow highlight and inner corner highlight it works beautifully. I might just have to invest in some more :P
This was an impulse buy, I know everyone on youtube and blog sites rave about painterly paint pot as a base.... it wasn't in stock today and frankly i think its a little pointless to me as i like to use the same colour bases for my shadows for more impact OR a white base. I also saw a paint pot in a dark aqua/jade colour that I cant seem to see online , I was very tempted to purchase that also and now i cant find it :( I'm rather disappointed. I picked Fresco Rose because as I said before .. i love Rosy pink eyes and this will be a fantastic base for it :) good stuff. Also I swatched this on my hand and it was super difficult to rub off ... good sign? i think so.
My First reason to try MAC , I was craving a cream blusher. Again.... Pink dolly colours Flushed English doll look .... my fave. I picked LadyBlush , I'm SUPER happy with this and i reckon this will deffo get purchased again, its very pigmented but goes on sheer , I always think this is a good thing because you can build on colour OR add a powder colour on top .... Or even your Pink opal pigment will cling to it for a more dramatic highlight. LOVE it , Thumbs up MAC ... you might have turned me.

Lush Haul

Ha ha ha Thought i would add this funny pic of my Love lettuce face :)

Hee My lovely Purple Bathos Bath :) mmmm I love violet

Lush Haul :) soo exciting because i have been wanting to try out these products for AGES.
Ok so i bought :-
1. Bathos Bubble Bar - £2.50 per bar
I love this bubble bar , mainly because lush Used to do a soap that smelt like Parma Violets, My flatmate worked in lush and knew of my obsession with violet smells (and tastes) so she bought me the soap. Unfortunately they discontinued my Fave soap but they brought out bathos Which is the closest thing i can get to it. I usually get two baths out of one bar and i LOVE it so value for money.
2. Charlotte Island body tint - £4.95 (for the smaller bottle)
I have wanted to try this for ages , it has lemon in it but i have to say ... i think it smells a bit like chocolate /banana? I have no idea why. You can see the swatch above I applied this to the underside of my arm , on first impression I'm a bit worried its a little streaky BUT i will need to try it out properly blended on my body for the best effect. The colour is great though and i used a face wipe to take some off to show a true line of colour difference. The product feels lovely .. only con i can point out at the moment is it only comes in the one colour.
3. Black Stockings - £7.50 (for one bar)
This is like Charlotte Island but more hinted towards using on your legs. I can see why it has a gorgeous bronzey glow. I reckon even though this product IS tinted i will probably use it once I've applied my St tropez as a base. It smells Beautiful and its main ingredients are cinnamon and Orange oil, the cinnamon scent is deffo there which i love and the orange is not over powering Phew (i say this because I'm not a great fan of citrus). This product also has a sister product called "Silk stockings" for a lighter glow ... i reckon even though this is also aimed at legs I wouldn't get much coverage from it but it would work beautifully across the chest/ collarbones.
4. Love Lettuce facemask - £4.95
As i said earlier I had a flatmate who worked in Lush , I was lucky enough to try out many facemasks from their range, and I don't have an outright favorite they all have their uses. Please check Here for the full range of fresh facemasks. I'm just going to mention a few, Ayesha I love to use before a night out .. it smooths and tones out your skin ... lush don't claim it is a miracle cure but it certainly leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth all evening. Cupcake and me were great friends for years ! I used to have oilier skin and thankfully I've over came that coming in to my 20's , but i HIGHLY recommend this for oily skin and it smells Delicious. Next up is Catastrophe Cosmetic this is Fantastic if your having breakouts or ruddy skin , its almost like blueberry yogurt and calms your skin :) And of course Love lettuce , this has became my staple favorite of late because all skin types can use this and I have normal/ oily skin. It exfoliates and softens with almond and seaweed. At the same time the clay in the mask draws out any oil, it also contains lavender so the smell is pleasant. I use this once a week just as a treat if my skin is not needing any special treatments.
(with all the facemasks they need to be kept in the fridge because they contain no preservatives)

And finally I got myself a sample of "Tuca Tuca" Perfume. My reason for purchase ... i mentioned the violet soap / bathos to the sales assistant , she suggested Tuca tuca as its supposed to be a ....
" The perfume conveys the playful and seductive nature of the song and the dance, which are full of sex appeal." - Lush
On first smell i thought ... "burning wood, smokey" I think it was the sandalwood but the assistant did tell me it was a scent that needed to settle on your skin. I'm writing this now its "settled" after 6 or so hours. I really really like it , it is a sweet and softer smell. It launches in the UK tomorrow apparently but i believe it can be bought on the website and it retails for £23 for 27g. My sample only cost me a quid and there was loads so .... i dunno maybe worth going to buy some of them first instead?

*edit 4 days on and i love this perfume, Im going to purchase the solid 2moro :)

So that's it ... LONG post lol but i hope this was helpful. I'm a great fan of lush and they are always pretty helpful at giving advice and even samples if your unsure of something, All products can be bought Online
Thanks for reading :) xxx

Catastrophe Cosmetic

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Unrelated to beauty but This is why I've had to catch up on my posts , My mum had her retirement BBQ/party this weekend so here are a few silly pics.
Me and my mummy :P Me and my silly Bf not looking at the camera
I was in charge of the pudding table :) sooo much fun and these cakes where made by BiBi's bakery in St Andrews , we got to pic the colours and flavours etc , :) they were very very yummy
So a great day was had by all having to work off all the grub i ate now :P xxx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I recently done a swap with a lovely lady in America on MUA. She included these samples as extras :) I'm so happy with them i have ordered some full sizes to try in different shadows , concealers , blushes etc
Below are swatches (please click for larger image) The top swatch is a MAC sample but i thought I'd just throw it in there , I've heard a lot about MAC studio fix fluid but that mainly it causes break outs. The colour the lady sent me is far to dark for my skin tone so i cant comment on the breakouts but what do you think?
I'm Loving the Light medium Original Glo base , and the multi tasking Neutral Matte base. Ive nearly used up the whole sample , so both of these were purchased in my big order. I have to say there are al ot of offers and freebies on the Minerals Website and shipping to the uk wasn't that bad at all. Once my order comes through i will do a more thorough review. X
Hello hello , I have been super dooper busy this week/end But this is a quick post to show off a palette i bought at Boots last week. Front cover is a newish company that launched in may 2010 to go on sale in boots stores across uk but they also have their own website Here. I originally read about this brand over at Hell Candy Make up so i thought i'd pop in to books and try one of the 4 shadow palette's because they are only £4 , a pound an eyeshadow you cant complain. To my Fantastic surprise boots was doing 50% off Frontcover make up !!! YEY so this HUGE Palette was meant to cost £30 and i got it for £15 , BARGAIN!
So here is a pic of the frontcover Rainbow Eyes Palette , Inside and a wash of colour on my eye lid with the first colour in the box so you have an idea of pigment :) It includes 20 Baked eye shadows , 5 pressed powder eye shadows , Shadowline liquid and two double ended brushes.
Here are swatches of each colour , all taken in natural light (the swatches not the eyeshadow pans) please click for larger pic. I reckon the last 5 are the pressed powder eye shadows as this row is mainly matte with the exception of the 1st one, but rows 2 3 and 4 are raised in a dome shape with pearl shimmer. Row 1 are flat shadows but they are all highly shimmer/pearl.
This pic shows the shadow line liquid , this basically is a clear liquid which turns any of the shadows in to liner. Its a great idea but I'm not sure they have the formula quite right , some of the shadows do not show up as liner very well at all. Still nice to have though.

Overall i really really enjoy this palette , I'm so glad it was on special offer because i probably wouldn't have purchased it (because its a company I've never used before).
ALL of the shimmer / baked shadows are Lovely and blend very smooth on the eye. Its great to travel with , Obviously its too large to pop in your handbag but if your going away for the weekend or on holiday etc means you have pretty much all the colours you need.
I will keep my eye on the company closely for new colours and collections. The mermaid palette has smaller eyeshadow pans but more "sea" colours and Hell candys Review shows great swatches of it.
Run down to boots for a bargain now :) especially if your just wanting to try the company out , the 4 shadow palette's are only £2!!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

E.L.F Haul/ Review 2

Ok I'm just going to get right in to this because Ive bought several things from elf and gained some items from swaps.
The Everyday brush cleaner. I don't own ALOT of brushes so if I'm changing my eye colours everyday I need to keep my brushes clean and cant be bothered deep cleaning. I bought the brush shampoo which i reviewed Here I really liked it and it done the job :) for a pretty good price. This everyday one i saw had so many good reviews so i thought excellent , clean brushes everyday :) ............ Or not, I hate to say this is the First e.l.f product I'm really disappointed in. I read that maybe it wasn't so good on face brushes but worked great for eye ones but ... I'm sorry I don't think it does , i used and have been using a lot of product and each day i still see colour or sparkle from the day before... to put it bluntly Its crap. Wont be buying again!
And now on a lighter note , Ive read Soooo many good reviews about the E.l.f powder brush and they are ALL true. I LOVE it , i went online yesterday to purchase another one but they have sold out on the uk site :( gutted. It is soft , thick , dense buffs out and applies colour fantastically , whether its liquid colour or powders or minerals. 10/10!!! BUY this brush you NEED it in your life!
E.l.f Mineral lipstick in Natural Nymph, I swapped for this on MUA and I'm really happy. In previous posts I'd came to the conclusion nudes weren't maybe for me , not super pale ones anyway. I really like this i think its a cute colour and doesn't wash my skintone out the way that NYX Rea did. Its soft and smooth and colour applies evenly ,I will also be purchasing this again :)

I read on a site that the E.l.f Concealer pencil and brush was the dupe for Benefit "it" stick, being that the it stick is a HG of mine I Needed to try it. Firstly it does look darker than the "it" stick and this is the palest colour e.l.f provide , it has more of an orange tone. Honestly it doesn't blend as easily it is a little grainy/chalky , but it is only £3.50 and from the picture below i reckon it does the job. Its obvious the benefit one is lighter and brighter but on looking at the picture again I think the elf one might look better on my skin? I guess it depends on the look you as going for, what do you think?
E.l.f Candid Coral Blusher... LOVE I'm not a big blusher wearer I have really Rosy cheeks Lol :P
but this is just such a pretty colour. You can see from the pic below how pigmented it is and that was just applied with my fingers :) , great colour for summer (even tho i think the sun has forgotten Scotland lol) I highly recommend this product , its very smooth and finely milled has a lovely orange / pink undertone but also gold flecks. Great for £3.50 :D I do love a bit of E.l.f.
Thanks for reading guys :) xxx

No7 Goodies and Promo at Boots just now :)

I ventured in to boots over the weekend to buy a few necessities. I never usually buy No7 but I was on the look out for an Eye cream because my Clinique All About Eyes ran out and I honestly couldn't be bothered trecking to my nearest department store to buy it. No7 also had a deal on that meant if you spent £22 or over on No7 you got a free gift , so i thought Why not!
I bought the eye cream and eye pencil below. I really like the cream as the blue gel side is to awaken the eyes (to be used during the day) and the cream is like a soothing moisturizer to be used at night. I'm not saying I wont go back to my Clinique BUT i do really like this and i love that it comes in a "day/night" cream. The gel side makes my eyes feel tight when i first apply it but then it soon wears off and they feel lovely and cool. The cream side leaves my eyes beautifully soft and soothed. It sells for around £17 I think , i went to check the site but its being updated just now ! Grrrr
Now the pencil is just LOVELY I actually bought this to make up the money to get the free gift but my mum has a wedding to go to next week and her outfit is exactly the same colour of jade green this pencil is, so really i bought it for her but there are pics below of me trying it out. It was £7.50 and so worth it, the colour is bright and it goes on super soft, me and my mum swatched it on the back of our hands and had even finished washing the dishes from dinner and the swatch was still there! It doesn't say its waterproof but it really has some staying power!

This was the little set of goodies i received it included :
No7 Lash 360
No7 Protect and perfect Beauty Serum
No7 Cleanse and Care eye make up remover
No7 Lipstick in Pink lemonade
No7 Protect and perfect Day cream
and No7 Stay Perfect eye mousse (in a slate grey)
(oh and it all came in a nice little bag)

Firstly the eye make up remover is great , I never use anything like this usually just simple facewipes , but I might have to check out the price of the full size product because i was very impressed! I have swapped in the Day cream with my Clinique Moisturizer and i have to say i like this also but i think it left me feeling a little greasy, funnily enough i like using this at night better even thought its a day cream because i think its just a bit rich for my skin, I probably wont purchase this but I do like it (might pass it on to my mum). The Beauty serum I'm in LOVE with, I don't know if its a primer? but you use it BEFORE using the day cream and i love the way it leaves my skin feeling Super super smooth! I will definitely be re purchasing this product.
The cosmetics are all nice too but please see below for swatches :)
Below is my EOTD using the No7 metallic eye pencil ... I really love this i might have to go inspect their other colours in the range. I am also wearing the Lash 360 in these photos , I'm kind of "meh" about this product, its nice but doesn't wow me .... and I'm not sure about the brush. Its shaped like a spiral so it has spaces? Yeah i don't get it , not bad but i wont buy again. Same goes for the eye mousse , i wasn't super impressed... it was just a metallic silvery grey .. nothing special. The lipstick is lovely , I thought it was going to be Really bright when i saw it in the tube but actually it goes on really sheer and is very moisturising. Very pretty pink and quite a natural pink i think.
Hope this helps guys :) thanks for reading XXX

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

30 Days Blog Tag :) Day #11

Photo of me taken recently :) wellll this is an easy one and i have alot of photos to choose from sooo my choice is Me at my friends wedding because its the most dressed up i've been in a long time and the first appropriate place to wear my Erdem dress.
Lovely day , great couple :) and i LOVE this dress lol xxx

30 Days Blog Tag :) Day #10

So today I'm supposed to post a pic of me from 10 years ago , at least..... The fact of the matter is I don't have any to hand right now , they are all packed away :( I re done my room in may and put all the photos/ old letters and birthday cards in a safe box up in my loft (attic). I cant complete this post :( feel like such a let down with this 30 days tag lol.
But i promise a photo of me over 10 years ago Will get put up eventually. :D
Anyone else doing this tag atm?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

30 Days Blog Tag :) (and other random things)

Ok so first things first I've been a bad blogger , i have had such a busy weekend and this is the first time I've had to sit down and actually get a post done , but I did go shopping the other day and bought lots of lovely things which over the next two days (my days off) I'm making a point of doing some new posts about. For now I'm catching up on my 30 days post Sooo I think I'm on
Day 5.... Favorite Quote
Truth is I believe my mum is the best and she always says "as long as your happy and healthy"
seems simple enough but its so so very true , Love you mum :) x

Day 6 .... Whatever tickles your fancy ..... Ok well I'm going to have a little rant / enquiry about sales assistants. I have worked in retail before, River Island Clothing store to be exact :P But never in a Drugstore/ make up / chemists / make up counter shop blah blah blah. I went in to boots the other day and had some questions hoping for advice, as you know I'm an avid Clinique user but i decided that i fancied buying an eye cream and I really couldn't be bothered trecking to my nearest department store for clinique , decided to venture in to my local Boots store. No7 is quite a mid range brand , they aren't cheap but not designer etc , I asked the girl as a Young 23 year old what would be more suitable ... and all she done was read the back of the box to me. I could have done that my bloody self! (this has happened to me more than once).
So I guess what my question is ... I watch so many you tube vids and read blogs from America where people talk about sales assistants being so helpful and even giving lots of samples to try more things. Is it just Britain where they are a bit useless? and do you need to know your local assistant to get these such samples... Its a pet peeve of mine .... views and opinions much appreciated :)

Day 7 ... Photo that makes you happy , I posted this pic on my very first Cornwall post but , i do love this picture and it does make me very happy , my wonderful boyfriend took this and , its just a lovely photo of us on holiday.
Day 8 ...... Photo that makes you sad /angry.
I think this is a very silly thing to ask , because obviously i don't hold on to photos that make me sad. I chose the photo below because my mum gave me these beautiful flowers on my birthday and I took this when they were dying ... I guess its a little melancholic. I think its beautiful.
Day 9 ...... A photo you took,
Again this was taken in Cornwall and i think its a Gorgeous picture ... I love that i caught the bird flying across too (and it kind of looks like a dolphin :P) Great place
oh well thats me , I promise better posts this week :) xxxxx

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

First Eye Of the day :)

Hello this is my first kind of "eye of the day" I'm just going to list the products I used , I eventually would hope to make some videos for you but I would like to wait until I get a good quality camera, (I'm not shy honest :P). Anyway i just wore this eye/s with jeans gladiator sandals and an over sized t-shirt (white with navy striped). Its not too over the top as I was only visiting the shops and taking things to the rubbish dump walking dogs etc. But I enjoy a little pop of colour. Obviously for a night out i Build on this.

1. E.l.f Concealer Pencil and Brush - £3.50 (review on this soon as I'm comparing it to my Benefit "it" stick at the moment) - Under my eye an on my lid

2. The Body Shop Eye shimmer in Blue - £6.00 (I bought this ages ago but they don't seem to have it online anymore so i don't know if its been discontinued :( i really hope not) This has a Dupe in the E.l.f Eye transformer palette. - Used this in the corner of my eye and blended in with the darker blue on the out side.

3. Nxy Single eyeshadow in Kiss in Casablanca -£3.25 from (reviewed this in another post) This is place on my outer corner top and bottom blended in to the pale blue of the body shop eye shimmer.

4. Collection 2000 Glam Crystal Dazzling Gel Liner - £2.99 from superdrug (2 for £5 at the moment) Used this to line my eyes.

5. Nyx Dolleye Volume mascara - £6.99 from , Still loving this mascara , my clinique has not been touched for so long lol. (review in previous post)

Hope you like it XXXX

Nails :D some new colours.

I'm such a Sheep! yes I have jumped on the bandwagon with the taupe Nail polish revolution lol. I was looking for a colour similar to this for a while when the lovely Laura over at Lollipop26 writes done a a "compare and review" of This Barry M "mushroom" and Chanel's particuliere. Dupe and a Half! The very next day I headed to Superdrug to purchase this , luckily it was 2 for £5 Even Better !! (see 2nd colour below) I know my nail painting skills aren't amazing but this was only 2 coats and Ive been wearing this colour nearly a week now.... you can see from the 2nd picture that it has only worn away at the tips and this is without a topcoat. Love it Love it Love it :D

2nd colour from my 2 for £5 Barry M purchase :) "spring green". Also love this but as its a little inappropriate for my work I'm wearing it on my toes at the moment. This is also 2 coats and its totally opaque.
And finally ... I picked this up for 2 reasons , 1 because i thought it was a pretty pink colour and 2 because .. it might just be me but doesn't W7 look awful similar to the O.P.I bottles? I just liked the shape. This is Not an expensive polish I got it for £1.49 at a Home bargains outlet / poundland type shop. The picture below is only 2 coats and i really love it :) Just wish they'd had more colours.
Hope that was useful guys and get your bum to superdrug quick for the barry m bargains :) xxx