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Sunset in Anstruther
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

E.L.F Haul/ Review

Well Hello hello hello , I had a lovely package delivered this morning after a long long wait for new stock to be in , Here it is :) YEY.
Soooo I'm quite new to e.l.f and there are somethings I LOVE and other things I think .. hmmm yeah its £1.50 no biggy if i don't like it. Here goes :)

First up the FREE lipglosses I got because of the 50,000 facebook fans :) this was a nice bonus to my order :). I'm not a Massive lipgloss wearer I usually wear lipstick or a clear lip plumper/balm, so I'm not an expert on this :P. .... Because these were free I am happy with them but I wouldn't buy them alone. This is ONLY because I'm not fussed with lipgloss! I will now go into a bit of detail about them, the two glosses with colour (candlelight and Pink kiss) have a shimmer/pearl effect to them which I actually really like and even looking back on the photos now I think ... hmm maybe I'll become a lip gloss girl! they made my lips look Lovely.
The clear gloss (Angel) was actually the one that got me most excited when I swatched on my hand , it has lots of little holographic/purpley blue glitter fleks, when i moved my hand in the light it looked amazing! On my lips not as much , but I still really really like this one and I'm thinking I might use it over lipstick instead. All 3 smell like 5p bubblegum, which doesn't bother me but I know some ppl are really sensitive to smells especially that close under their nose, and they all have a really sweet taste which .. I thought was pretty nice. They were not too sticky but ... I Did feel them on there (which is usually why I don't bother with lipglosses.
So Great for a freebie, angel will def get used but ... wouldn't buy them.
Next Nail Polishes , I got Plum and Mod Mauve (which by the way I was waiting FOREVER to try !!!) Ok Plum , I like this a lot , in the photo below I have two coats on , its got a lovely shine , I LOVE the colour (this will get used a lot going in to winter) I use deep purples on my eyes alot too, yes for £1.50 this one is a BIG thumbs up. Only gripe... really stained my nails hard to get off but .... all dark nail polishes huh?
Ok Mod mauve ... after being so so excited to get this, I was a little disappointed but only for 1 reason. The consistency was very very thin , and as a light colour I needed to apply 3 coats (for photo below) In future I'd prob even apply a 4th. In saying this , I do LOVE the colour, it exactly the type of colour I'm obsessed with just now , these nude/taupe/mauve/ mushroomy colours :) LOVE it... again for £1.50 Thumbs up :) I also really love the little bottles /packaging e.l.f put their nail polishes in.
Ok I LOVE mascaras I'm a Mascara Junkie , its just my thing. So i bought e.l.f's Mineral Mascara which was actually in the Studio line instead of the mineral one ? Weird. Packaging .... I like it love the buffed black casing ... maybe would have liked a bit more info on the tube but that's just me. The brush is one of those silicone numbers :P a bit like lash blast?
What e.l.f say "Mineral Infused Mascara creates fuller, healthier looking lashes. It enhances lashes for a naturally thicker and more volumized look. The long-wear formula and unique silicone brush creates clump free and defined lashes that last all day."
Truth is it DOES make your lashes look lovely and long and totally clump free.... thicker? I'm not so sure about. In the photo below , i have one eye e.l.f and one with my beloved Clinique High impact (which i don't think gets enough credit). After applying I asked my mum ... "which eye looks better?" ..... she chose the clinique eye. We did both agree and they are equally lengthening but clinique just had the edge here. Again though at £3.50 for the e.l.f and £14.50 for clinique its a bit of a no brainer if your only starting out. I'm not totally writing this off , I WOULD buy this again and i do really like the product. Thumbs up :)
Ok This is the E.l.f Eyelid primer (from the normal £1.50 line) I bought this because my mum has never tried eye primer and was intrigued by my Too faced "shadow insurance" but she refuses to pay the price for it ... I told her why not try e.l.f Only £1.50 ill put it in my next order. Below is a swatch of the primer alone (you cant even see the too faced primer on my hand) and then both with urban decay shadow. I noticed that the E.l.f primer is paler , whiter than the Too faced, you can see this easily on my hand. When I applied the shadow ... I think the e.l.f makes it paler , but only SLIGHTLY and if you packed on the colour enough ... I don't think it would matter :) The e.l.f product is a thinner consistency but again £1.50 .... cant complain :)
TIP: when i got this the oils and the pigment had seemed to separate in the tube (dunno if I had a dodgey one) Make sure you give it a mix up first before applying.

Ok Next Up ......E.l.f Brush shampoo, Ive never used a brush shampoo before I've always just used a gentle Hair shampoo , like baby shampoo. I love the packaging of this product and it does the job its meant to ... there isnt much more I can say about this so there is a pic below :) This item is priced at £3.50 for 120ml. Very reasonable and even if you did want to go back to using baby shampoo..... keep the bottle and refill because its co cute/sleek. No perfume so no smell at all :)
I also got the E.l.f Mineral Face primer. I quite like the packaging , pretty sweet and sleek just wish the lid snapped on a bit tighter. I read another review on this product before receiving it in the, the reviewer had said " I didn't like the plastic casing , I hate when you think your getting glass and its plastic"
So I knew I wasn't getting glass BUT I have to agree , would be nicer in glass... then again that would cost more wouldn't it? compromises compromises.
I have also bought the GOSH one lately, I have compared it against that. In the photo below I applied E.l.f to one side and Gosh to the other , then applied my Clinique Gentle Light make up (foundation) all over my face.
I think to look at there's no noticeable difference but there was on applying the products, I found the gosh primer to be greasier than e.l.f. and took longer to soak in. Its now 5 hours later and when I touch my skin , the e.l.f side definitely feels smoother :) but again .. at a glance there's not much difference both do the job superbly and my foundation is still giving me the coverage I need. The main factor here is E.l.f primer is £6.00 and the GOSH primer is ...£13. You get 14ml of e.l.f product and 30ml of gosh. Sooo I'm kinda inbetween. I reckon i will try a few more Primers as I haven't found my Holy Grail yet But if i need to buy more I'll go for elf on this one.
(oh and excuse my eyebrows I'm waxing them at the weekend so they are rather fluffy atm).
Buy ALL of these products at E.L.F


  1. veeeeeery good job Alanna!!! :) I really enjoyed the post! Btw I'm so glad I ordered Plum and Mod Mauve, they look gorgeous!! :) The brush shampoo is nice, I like it!! :) I ordered a second one on Friday! :)

  2. Wow! Guess you've been typing for a while... LOL

    About the lip-glosses... I've never been a lip-gloss girl before, and the first time I got these glosses as a free gift (when e.l.f. reached hmm...20K I think) I didn't like them at all. But, I thought I would give them a try, time after time, and now I simply love them. I use one of these maybe 5 days a week or something.

    And that mascara-pic. I think the e.l.f.-eye looked the best ;)

    So nice that you've written all these first-thoughts already :) I'm now a follower, and hope that you'll write down new info after using the products for a while? As what your mum think about the eyelid primer... ;)

  3. yeah of course ill be following up :P and yeah i knew some people would like the elf eye better, theres nothing wrong with it at all. im quite lucky to have long eyelashes but not very thick .. just think clinique provides more thickness , but Im hanging it up for a while, at least a week and trying the elf mineral to give it a really good chance :) Thanx for following :) im so glad some people are reading, and Stavroula I read All your posts :) there always so interesting and funny :) thanks again

  4. Love the plum colour nail polish!

  5. Do you think the brush shampoo is any better than just using baby shampoo? Don't know whether to bother getting any. I want the daily brush shampoo for in between washes though!
    Anna x

  6. Well in my next order im going to get the brush spot cleanser thingy :P just to spray and spot clean, But .... i reckon once this runs out ill just be filling up my bottle with baby shampoo *shhhhh*
    I guess as the brush shampoo also disinfects if I was a Make up artist by trade id rather have the proper stuff.... but as its only going on my face i dont care. As for it compared to mac brush shampoo , I see NO difference apart from the price :P xxx

    (testing testing)

  7. It works, yay!
    Ha, ok then, I'll probably just keep on using my baby shampoo, and get the spray one!
    Anna x


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