Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Just a QUICK post Lol i always say that. But i reckon I'm going to start my video tutorials within the next few days , just been a bit hectic with a new job , but Couple of pics above showing a look I'm trying for a quick drink with friends tonight. Light summery look very very girly , but i loved it :)
So a video of this look will be up Very soon :) You tube me :) MyChannel XXX

Ok so i have just cooked a Lamb and lentil curry/chili for me and my boyfriend :) please find recipe and nutritional info below :) TASTY :)
I would like to say this is my own take on a recipe I got from the BBC good food website/ cookbook.

1 Large Onion Chopped finely,
2 Garlic Cloves,
200g Chopped tinned tomatoes (usually half a can),
1 small Aubergine (roughly 300g) Diced,
Red split Lentils 140g (that's the orange lentils , i don't know why they are called red),
300g Lean Diced Lamb,
1tsbp of Turmeric,
2 tbsp of Mild Chili Powder,
2 tbsp of ground cumin,
1 tsbp of ground coriander,
1tsp of light muscovado sugar,
1 tbsp lemon,
Small bunch of fresh Coriander OR Mint (roughly chopped),
250ml Low fat yogurt.

1. Put the Onion and garlic into a large saucepan/pot with 100ml/3 1/2 fl oz of water (I actually used about 150ml , as the onion i used was really big and i just thought it didn't look enough , use your own judgement).
Bring to the boil and cook for 5 mins , until the onions have softened and nearly all the water has been absorbed.
2. Add the chopped Tomatoes , aubergine , lentils , lamb , lentils , turmeric , chili powder , cumin , coriander , sugar (just used soft brown sugar i had left over from baking) , lemon juice and 450ml / 16 fl oz of water.
(at this stage i swapped the coriander for cinnamon)
Bring to the boil , cover and simmer for 1 hour , until tender (again i changed this part a little , An hour seemed far too long and i had to add in another 100ml of water about 20 mins in , overall i only had it simmering for 45 mins. Obviously again use your own judgement that's what i did)
3. Season well , and stir in most of your fresh coriander OR mint depending on what you chose, add half the yogurt. Remove from the heat.
Serve with basmati rice and the rest of the yogurt and fresh mint.

Very easy and VERY tasty dish , I will deffo be using this again , I actually have froze the leftovers to take to work on Friday :)
This should serve 4 people and takes around 1 1/2 hours to make (mines was quicker as i never left it on for as long).

Per serving 305 k/calories, protein 28g, carbohydrate 32g, fat 8g , saturated fat 4g , fibre 4g , added sugar none , salt 0.4g
(this is Only the values for the curry NOT whatever rice you choose to serve with it)

Monday, 28 June 2010

Quick Review on some E.L.F products i Just bought , Bought with my own money :)
So these are my own honest opinions. Ok So here is a list of the things I bought :-
e.l.f Plumping Lip Glaze in "Ruby kiss" £1.50
e.l.f Tone Correcting Concealer in "Apricot beige"£1.50
e.l.f All over colour stick in "Pink Lemonade"£1.50
e.l.f Healthy Glow Bronzer in "Luminance"£1.50

The plumping lip glaze comes with stain at one end and gloss/plumper at the other. I do like this but i haven't wore it much, I guess its not the type of red lipstick i enjoy , It is lovely but i think i prefer bright matte Red's. It is not sticky and the colour stays well , but be warned it is not as bright as it looks in the tube its more like a gloss red. The other side of the stick that is the gloss and plumper is lovely , I usually use "Too Faced" lip injection I have to admit it nips alot. With the elf plumper/gloss it has a lovely minty sensation , I'm not certain it plumps your lips as much as "lip injection" .... actually i know it doesn't BUT doesn't make me like it any less. I'm more likely to use the clear side on its own rather than use them both at the same time. Pics show packaging, swatch , half lips and full lips

The corrective tone concealer , I'm on the fence about this product , i really do love it , but i think maybe i got the wrong colour. So I've started to use it Over my "benefit "it" stick" I love the benefit concealer stick but can find because its a pencil its a little cakey under the eyes , so i started to draw on the "it" stick then used the e.l.f concealer on top and blended in to each other for a much better colour under eye for me. Again for £1.50 i cant complain and can afford to buy another one in a more suitable colour. I love using this on top of my eyelid before a primer works fantastic for this :D Top pic is NO concealer 2nd pic WITH concealer and a swatch and packaging.

Pink Lemonade colour stick ..... All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE. Soooo pretty , and smells lovely, It smells kind of citrus/sherbet. When this first arrived I have to say it is a little bit smaller than I'd have liked , but actually on second thoughts this is a really good thing a) because you can pop it in your make up bag or even pocket , b) you don't need to use very much at all as its lovely and pigmented and c) Only £1.50!!!!
I also was worried i would look like a real clown because of the high colour , I thought id chose a colour that was too dark for me , But surprisingly once blended Great flushed Rosy cheeks, lovely and creamy , and can be used on lips too :) ACE! Pic below show , packaging , swatch on hand and the cream stick ONLY on my RIGHT cheek.... so that's colour on the left side when your looking at comp screen :)

Ok So with the healthy glow bronzer, I'm naturally pretty pale (I come from Scotland after all) but i do have Greek roots so i take a good tan. I think being dark haired i pull off putting on a bit of bronze or fake tan. Luminance is the Lightest shade and i guess for alot of people it would be more suitable as a highlighter than a Bronzer because it definitely didn't make me darker. I don't think this was a bad thing because it gave me a lovely glow and as it says on the pack I did look very "Healthy" I really liked this product I used a Kabuki brush to put it on, I also brushed it over my shoulders and collar bones and on days when I wore no make up a light dusting on my eyelids was beautiful with my tan. For £1.50 you really cant beat it, My advice would be to try the deeper colours if your wanting more colour and darkness. Pics below show bronzer on my brow bone and cheek , swatch on my hand and Packaging.

Overall , I have to say along with the products ive bought above and a few brushes ive bought from the studio line and clear lip balm with SPF15. Im REALLY please and will carry on to buy more e.l.f products. Top marks guys for budget make up :)
Just which there was a bit more selection of eye colours :)

Paper Plane :D

Ok so just a quick post about a range that i LOVE. I found them online originally but have since saw them in smaller boutiques. Paper Plane , they do a whole range of handbags , wash bags , makeup bags , vanity mirrors (compacts) etc etc , you get the gist. My lovely boyfriend bought me many items from the range for Christmas and i am Constantly asked "where did you get your handbag!?"
I found them on but their items can also be found on
They have a really cute and quirky range , it suits my style and i find their prices are REALLY affordable. My boyfriend bought my handbag for £59 and for a Christmas pressie including a few of the other items it was a really good deal. The quality of these products is fantastic, I haven't had my handbag off my shoulder since i got it and I'm a "throw in everything but the kitchen sink" kinda girl and there has been no wear and tear. I'm considering going for the phone charm and notebook next :) Pay day cant come fast enough.
Anyway please let me know what you think and if maybe you've had a different experience? such as the quality of your items from paper plane wasn't as great or if a store has seriously over priced them?
Alanna X

Sunday, 27 June 2010

First Post / Cornwall Visit

Ok , so I'm a little new to all this , but eventually I'm hoping the point in this page will inspire others and be an interesting read. If not then at least a good laugh :P. So I'm going to start talking about a lot of beauty products , fashion bargains , do it yourself fashion and even maybe throw in a few recipes I might like as a Diabetic i eat very healthily and enjoy finding better options in my diet.
Obviously id like to keep up to date with any trips or events I've been on too , So for my first and latest post id like to talk about ...... Watergate Bay in Cornwall England UK.
First time visit for me , i drove down Last Friday from Glasgow and spent a week there. It was Beautiful , I was very lucky the weather was gorgeous All week, who needs to go abroad with views and weather like last weeks. Showing above some pics of the views from my apartment and from the tops of the cliffs. I Highly recommend visiting. :D
Food was also Amazing , lots of fresh seafood which i Love. I the most fun part is its great for surfing and body boarding. I'd never tried either before but with a little help from my boyfriend i couldn't get enough of the body boarding , (even snorkeling).
So I'm now sitting it Sunday night and i have work 2moro :( little depressing. Anyway ill post some more once I've got a few more things to discuss :)