Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lushies I LOVE U

Oh yes oh yes :) Another lush haul. Lately I've been wearing really simple eye make up and a bright lip because i just don't have time in the morning to do much more .. also I feel starting out a new course with new people Subtle make up is more suitable. Oh and .. i like sleeping in my bed rather than getting up 20 mins before i have to , to do more make up.
Instead I've been treating myself to Lush baths , hair masks and smells :P

Top left is H'suan Wen Hua , its a hair moisturising mask and you put it on dry hair for 20 mins before you shampoo and condition as normal. As I have said in other posts .. I actually have quite oily hair but there is no harm in giving your hair a treat as long as you rinse thoroughly. This left my hair Soft and shiny I was very pleased, and my hair smelt amazing even for 2days after using the product. Apparently this product contains Bay leaves , bananas and avocado but I find the most obvious scent in my nose and hair was Cinnamon. Truly lovely , I would purchase again but not use regularly due to having oily hair. This cost £7.60 for 225g

Bottom left is my fave soap from lush , The godmother. Sorry the picture doesn't show the soap but I already have one open and this is my back up for when it runs out, check out a pic Here. If your a fan of lush .. or maybe someone has bought you a Christmas box set one year , you will know they do a shower gel called "Snow fairy" This is the soap version. I actually bought this about a year and a half ago but forgot about it , then a friend bought me Snow fairy xmas past and I was gutted to find out it is limited to xmas and re-discovered The godmother :)
My only Teeeeny Tiny gripe about this is it takes a bit of scrubbing to get a good lather on your skin. Obviously these come in different sizes so different prices :)

Along the top is Tuca Tuca , my new Love! I got a sample of this perfume I wrote about it in this Post. All I can say is I've been wearing nothing else , its a great sweet perfume, This is my 2nd purchase of the 11ml bottle and that's not because the first ran out its just because i Love it :) It IS available in a bigger size but i like that i can pop this in my make up bag or handbag easily. :)

And lastly two bubble bars/bomb The Comforter and Amandopondo. The comforter is big enough for two baths .. i usually split my bathos bubble bars in two anyway , so the comforter could easily be used for 3. I only used a 3rd of the bar for my bath below :) Piink , Smells of blackcurrants covered in cream and .. really is comforting lol , I love how its almost like a smoothie.
As for Amandopondo I got bought one of these for Xmas and I haven't bought it since , not because i didn't like it , I kind of just forgot about it. Its rose and lemon Mmmm , I will give you a better description and pic when I use this :)

Hope this helps XXX

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Wedding fun and Make up

As i said in my post yesterday I was at a wedding this weekend :) , and i went violet :P I invested in some Sugarpill products .... Poison Plum being one (review later) ... but i love the way this look turned out ...

Smokey Purple :)
My hair was in a side bun and my purple fascinator
Complete look?
What do you think XXX

N.O.T.D Back to School/ College / Uni

I know alot of the american bloggers and YouTuber's done back to school stuff ages ago , but I only went back yesterday Sooo I thought i do a little nail of the day. A while ago I saw JulieG doing back to school nails , with a little school bus , an apple , ruler etc etc .. I changed it up a bit but stole her apple idea as it was pretty simple to do and very very cute :) Please click to see the picture better.
So I used Barry M Mushroom as my background and only placed an apple on my ring finger's. I used a kind of shimmer red from rimmel and Barry M Spring green for the leaf, I used a cuticle stick to draw/paint. I was really really pleased with the result ... what do you think? XXX

Monday, 6 September 2010

Sorry For Neglecting youuu

Well hello , I have been a Terrible terrible blogger. I have been so so busy, heading back to study , trying to find time to work and having a wedding to go to , and looking after the family cat :P
Amongst all that I truly have bought soo much and not had enough time to catch up on any of it , so I'm going to start tonight With a little "back to school" F.O.T.D , Including some contouring which ... I actually am really loving now :).

I used the E.L.F Cool Bronzer for contouring , Sleek Gel liner in Dominatrix , NYX Doll Eye mascara , E.L.F Lip plumping glaze (but only used the colour side and not the gloss).
What do you think of my attempt at contouring ??
Please click photos for a better view. Again So so sorry I've been rubbish. I'll catch up on my reviews and purchases 2moro :) Thank you all for reading XXX