Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Unrelated to beauty but This is why I've had to catch up on my posts , My mum had her retirement BBQ/party this weekend so here are a few silly pics.
Me and my mummy :P Me and my silly Bf not looking at the camera
I was in charge of the pudding table :) sooo much fun and these cakes where made by BiBi's bakery in St Andrews , we got to pic the colours and flavours etc , :) they were very very yummy
So a great day was had by all having to work off all the grub i ate now :P xxx


  1. Lovely post, you're so pretty and you and your bf look so cute together!

    Delicious cakes!

  2. Wow you look just like your mom! ;) Cute boyfriend and yummy cupcakes!! :)



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