Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

First Eye Of the day :)

Hello this is my first kind of "eye of the day" I'm just going to list the products I used , I eventually would hope to make some videos for you but I would like to wait until I get a good quality camera, (I'm not shy honest :P). Anyway i just wore this eye/s with jeans gladiator sandals and an over sized t-shirt (white with navy striped). Its not too over the top as I was only visiting the shops and taking things to the rubbish dump walking dogs etc. But I enjoy a little pop of colour. Obviously for a night out i Build on this.

1. E.l.f Concealer Pencil and Brush - £3.50 (review on this soon as I'm comparing it to my Benefit "it" stick at the moment) - Under my eye an on my lid

2. The Body Shop Eye shimmer in Blue - £6.00 (I bought this ages ago but they don't seem to have it online anymore so i don't know if its been discontinued :( i really hope not) This has a Dupe in the E.l.f Eye transformer palette. - Used this in the corner of my eye and blended in with the darker blue on the out side.

3. Nxy Single eyeshadow in Kiss in Casablanca -£3.25 from (reviewed this in another post) This is place on my outer corner top and bottom blended in to the pale blue of the body shop eye shimmer.

4. Collection 2000 Glam Crystal Dazzling Gel Liner - £2.99 from superdrug (2 for £5 at the moment) Used this to line my eyes.

5. Nyx Dolleye Volume mascara - £6.99 from , Still loving this mascara , my clinique has not been touched for so long lol. (review in previous post)

Hope you like it XXXX

Nails :D some new colours.

I'm such a Sheep! yes I have jumped on the bandwagon with the taupe Nail polish revolution lol. I was looking for a colour similar to this for a while when the lovely Laura over at Lollipop26 writes done a a "compare and review" of This Barry M "mushroom" and Chanel's particuliere. Dupe and a Half! The very next day I headed to Superdrug to purchase this , luckily it was 2 for £5 Even Better !! (see 2nd colour below) I know my nail painting skills aren't amazing but this was only 2 coats and Ive been wearing this colour nearly a week now.... you can see from the 2nd picture that it has only worn away at the tips and this is without a topcoat. Love it Love it Love it :D

2nd colour from my 2 for £5 Barry M purchase :) "spring green". Also love this but as its a little inappropriate for my work I'm wearing it on my toes at the moment. This is also 2 coats and its totally opaque.
And finally ... I picked this up for 2 reasons , 1 because i thought it was a pretty pink colour and 2 because .. it might just be me but doesn't W7 look awful similar to the O.P.I bottles? I just liked the shape. This is Not an expensive polish I got it for £1.49 at a Home bargains outlet / poundland type shop. The picture below is only 2 coats and i really love it :) Just wish they'd had more colours.
Hope that was useful guys and get your bum to superdrug quick for the barry m bargains :) xxx

30 Days Blog Tag :) Day #4

My favorite book, this is an easy one only because i found this clearing out my room a couple of months ago ... The complete trilogy of Alice's Adventures in wonderland. I've always loved this story , its always been my outfit of choice for Halloween (while other little girls wanted to be princesses). I actually have a very very old copy containing all 3 books but most modern ones have Alice in wonderland and Through the Looking glass. Still great stories either way.
If the book didn't exist I'd have to choose "The Boy who kicked pigs" this is by Tom Baker (that's right Doctor Who). I really love this story , its horribly wrong and quite grotesque but I think if you have a good sense of black humour you would giggle about it like i did.

Please find both below to buy at amazon

Alice in Wonderland
The boy who kicked pigs

What are your favorite reads?

Oh and how could i forget .... Vogue Lol :P xxx

Monday, 26 July 2010

30 Days Blog Tag :) Day #3

Favorite TV show ... hands down no contest , no lists has to be Sex and the City. I remember being "too young" in my mums eye to watch this show when it first came to our screens in the uk, so I used to sneak it on late at night in my room with no sound and watched it with subtitles , since then obviously I have been an avid watcher. I own the complete box set and I could watch it till I was blue in the face, even when these are repeated on Comedy Central I still watch them much to my boyfriends dismay. The clip I've chosen below is a later series episode but ... I think this scene is Hilarious , I love this episode and everything about it , be it Miranda and her "skinny jeans", Carrie and the post it, Charlotte and her wedding and of course Samantha snogging the butch girls boyfriend. Love it always will, this epic show made me feel like i truly knew the characters :)
On another note .... I kinda wish they hadn't made the movies but that's just my opinion XXX

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Body Shop Products for Oily Hair

Ok so this is a little update on the post about my haul from body shop mid season sale. I bought these two products because I suffer from greasy hair :( usually I wash my hair with Herbal Essences "fresh balance" which is for normal to oily hair.... its in the green bottle but not to be mistaken with the "dazzling shine" from herbal essences.
I have been using the body shop items since I got them and I have to say I'm pretty happy, My hair hasn't been so greasy so quickly , I'd even dare to say that its been a little dry ... like straw? I have never experience my hair feeling like this before .. its almost like I've dyed it with peroxide? BUT I would rather this than grease.
The shampoo doesn't really lather the way normal shampoo does so i find I need to make sure my hair is Saturated with water.. but you should really be doing this anyway. Safest and best way to wash your hair. It has a slightly nutty smell from the bottle but once lathered up it has more of a green floral smell.... Weird way to explain it i know, imagine picking a flower and breaking the stem I reckon that's what it smells like (it is nettle after all).
The conditioner on the other hand is great , leaves my hair lovely and soft and beautifully moisturized, I think i would actually use this as my regular conditioner and only use the shampoo once a week as a treatment type instead. The conditioner has a nutty / green plant smell and is the same even when applied to the scalp.
So overall I would buy the conditioner again in the bigger size because usually I cant use conditioners on a regular basis even if I thoroughly rinse them... my hair remains oily.
I would buy the shampoo in the same small size again but only use it when I felt a build up in my hair.
Hope that was useful to you guys :) xxxxxx

30 Days Blog Tag :) Day #2

My favorite movie ... again i have a bit of a list , encluding short circuit *johnny 5 is ALIVE :O* , ferngully , Juno , fear and loathing in las vagas , and the pirates of the carribean trilogy to name a few but ive picked this one because its classic 80's cheese , i loved watching it when i was younger and i still love watching it now. I think it leaves a place for everyone to relate and god dam the soundtrack is AWESOME :)

I give you ...... "The Breakfast Club" (the footloose bit) :P

Saturday, 24 July 2010

30 Days Blog Tag :) Day #1

Welllll hello there , my first day of this post ... favorite song , this is an almost impossible question because i love music so much and have so many songs which mean different things to me. In this case im going to choose a song which over the last year i have listened to death and ... as cheesy as it sounds it reminds me of my boyfriend. I think its beautiful and I Love Florence and the machine *much praise and love for her* AND
If anyone can help me resize my video that would be great :D ... i changed the HTML width and height .. but seems to have made no difference :(

30 Days Blog Tag :)

I saw this 30 days tag going around and i thought it was a great way for me to keep up and post regularly even if i dont have a review or haul to write about , looks fun and will keep me busy :) So here is the list of things ill be writting about and feel free to post the tag too :D XXX

Day 01 - Your favourite song
Day 02 - Your favourite movie
Day 03 - Your favourite TV programme
Day 04 - Your favourite book
Day 05 - Your favourite quote
Day 06 - Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 - A photo that makes you happy
Day 08 - A photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 09 - A photo that you took
Day 10 - A photo of you taken over 10 years ago
Day 11 - A photo of you taken recently
Day 12 - Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 - A fictional book
Day 14 - A non-fictional book
Day 15 - A fanfic
Day 16 - A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 - An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture etc.)
Day 18 - Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 - A talent of yours
Day 20 - A hobby of yours
Day 21 - A recipe
Day 22 - A website
Day 23 - A You Tube video
Day 24 - Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25 - Your day, in great detail
Day 26 - Your week, in great detail
Day 27 - This month, in great detail
Day 28 - This year, in great detail
Day 29 - Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy
Helloo Just little post to say thank you to Stavroula over at Drug store and BargainLover She awarded me the I <3 your blog award and im so humbled and thankful :) I'm a very new blogger and I am truely thankful to my 14 followers for reading , i hope your still enjoying.
So anyway once i've recieved this award i have to list the 15 blogs that are my most favorites. So in no particular order please see below :)
1. Stavroula at Drugstore & Bargain Lover
2. Louise at ***Sprinkle of glitter***
3. Dara at Belle Du Jour
4. Laura at Lollipop26writes
5. Michele at MicheleMACpinK
6. Anna at Pink Pom Poms
7. Hannah at Hannah Beautiful world (new blog)
8. Aru at Glamourous MakeUp
9. ZebyK at eye to the keyhole
10. Sarah at Glossilcious
11. Sophie at MakeupWonderland
12. Lorraine at The current custom
13. Nicoletta at nicoletta's beauty space

So thats my list :) obviously there are other blogs ... and other bloggers i follow not on blogspot ... i didnt know if i could put them in? I love reading all your blogs :) keep up the good work and thanks again XXX

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Nude lips ladies?

Ok .... As I said in my last post iI have been looking for a nude lipstick that doesn't wash me out ... and by jove I think I've found a winner (for now anyway :P). I generally Never buy Maybelline make-up ... I've never had a bad experience with it but I don't know they have just never enticed me, but superdrug where doing 3 for 2 and I caved in, I picked this up on Friday and I Love it. Its name says it all , as you can see its a nude and the colour of the stick of the "lip stick" is pretty much identical to that of NYX Rea (which I was none too pleased with) but when i swatched this on my hand there is a lovely lovely pink glow. I think its really apparent in the picture below as well, so yes ignore my strange face in the picture and take a look at the colour :P. Love it and would deffo recommend it to anyone with pale skin looking for a nude lip :D
And just a little extra here ... this is the freebie I got sent with my order from (smells like man made cherry) But i quite like it .... again not a lip gloss girl but who can complain when things are free :). Not sticky and well ... it doesnt look PINK on the lips which i quite like ..Meh probably wouldnt buy but again FREE :D
Thanks for reading XXX

NYX Haul/ Review!!!

Welllll hello to my 12 followers :D Hope your still enjoying my posts. Sorry i haven't posted in so long and haven't been keeping up , I've had people visiting.
So i ordered a lovely surprise for myself a couple of weeks ago which arrived last week from LoveMakeup. Just a quick word about the website .... its easy to use, payment was fast and delivery was what i expected, the packaging was Lovely, each item was individually bubble wrapped and wrapped in pink tissue paper :D It really was like Christmas and this packaging will definitely be getting re used. They also popped in a lip gloss that i did not order.... I wasn't expecting this and i really don't know if it was a mistake because i wasn't charged for it. It was the L.A. Colours Diamond Shine lip gloss in "Red Rubies" it has a really chemical smell of cherries but i actually like that, I just thought if it has been thrown in as an extra or because i spent £39? it was nice of them anyway:).
Ive really been wanting to try the NYX brand because you don't see it sold in stores here in the uk. I don't think I've EVER saw it here. I bought some lipsticks , eye bases , shadows , mascara etc. Hope you enjoy.
Ok above are the two colours i bought in the "lip smacking fun colours" , I bought Rose and Rea. My first impressions were great , love the packaging and especially love the little pot at the end of the tube that can be removed and used if your running out of the lipstick, also means when i store them i can turn them upside down and see their true colour. The lipsticks are lovely and very soft , i think some people might even think too soft because the colour can slide about your lips a little but if you used a lip base this shouldn't be a big issue. Personally i Love the rose colour , i think it really suits me and its more my style but i have been hankering after a nude lipstick for sometime now and this is why i bought Rea. Bottom line ... i don't think it suits me at all ... both pictures were taken 5 mins apart in the same lighting and the bottom picture looks Sooo washed out. I reckon this one will get swapped but only because it doesn't suit me. Priced at £2.69 each on
I love both these items , the jumbo pencil can Crease BUT if used properly the colour and pigmentation /shimmer of this is a FANTASTIC aqua blue. I actually started using both items together with the pencil as the base for the single shadow and it worked perfectly. As for the single eyeshadow i am TOTALLY in love with it. Its So so so so so so so soooooo Soft (sorry for the exaggeration but its true) I will definitely be buying more colours in these single eye shadows. They stayed put all night on my eyes when i wore them out at the weekend and blend so easily with other shadows i own. Pencil is priced at £2.50 and the single shadow is £3.25 again both Love make up. My only question ... I'm not sure if I'm supposed to sharpen this pencil or not ... i don't know if my sharpener is big enough lol.
Another Fantastic buy ..... this was £7.99 and they come in different "eye colours" I picked up the mysterious brown set. Obviously because i have Brown eyes but after using these I'm curious to pick up the other sets. I love the packaging , its soo cute/sleek and i love popping it in my bag its very useful for "day to night" looks. This maybe vain but i quite like the fact NYX is not well known in Scotland because it means when i do bring the palette out my bag people always ask about it :). Funnily enough these are NOT as pigmented as the single eyeshadow but they are very buildable and i have been using these nearly every day since i got them last week, especially for more natural looks at work. The swatches above where taken in natural light just straight out the palette with no base so you have an idea of how bright they are. These could be used to create really dramatic eyes also lovely shimmer and matte colours. *Thumbs up* OH and this did come with a double ended sponge applicator but .. i don't use them so i gave it to my mum :D.
Ok so far i have only used the white eyeshadow base with shimmer out for any length of time and there was Some creasing but only very little. Wearing under shimmery eye shadows is perfect and i feel that you could even go without a brow highlight when using this. The White base when swatched is definitely more chalky but it does mean powders/pigments and shadows show up more vibrant than any other base i own and i usually opt for Too faced shadow insurance. It just leaves a lovely blank canvas for you to work with :) They also come in natural base colours and are priced at £4.99 and you get Plenty in the pot. I'm pretty happy with this purchase but i might need to come back to how long they last in a later post :)
Ok this is another one i am in love with :D NYX Doll eye Mascara , this comes in "volume" "long lash" and "waterproof". I chose volume as my eyelashes are luckily long anyway, in one of my earlier posts i compared E.l.f mineral mascara to my HG Clinique High impact mascara. I have to say this has wiped the floor with both , its priced at £6.99 so its in the middle for price but ... i love it , i think it does just as well as the clinique if not more. The packaging is fantastic i love girly things so the floral patterns on the box done it for me :). As you can see from the picture there is pretty much No smudging or flaking after a Whole day at work. I got this delivered Wednesday last week .. and I've not even looked at my clinique so much so that i feel guilty!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Body Shop Mid season sale

I have been Dying with a cold this weekend and my head has been hung over a bowl of hot water and vicks vapour for most of it :( SO to cheer myself up I went on a small shopping spree today :) As with most high street stores at the moment The body shop is having a clear out :D this made me VERY VERY happy. As usual I always check out the things I'm going to look for Online before i go in store, helps me to write a little list of things i need to smell or re-think.... "do i really need this?"
I'm really glad i did because here are the things I took note of Online and their ONLINE price ....

Nettle Oil Balancing Conditioner - £1.50
Poppyseed Reviving Mask (hair) - £5.00
Raspberry Body Scrub 200ml - £3.00
Raspberry Body Butter 200ml - £3.00

Now .... when i went In store both the raspberry body butter and scrub 200ml was £5 !???? I have no idea why and i did mention to the girl in the shop that i was going to wait and buy them online as they were cheaper... I don't know if this has been a mistake but in case it is ..... Get on it now! lol
Anyway ... also while in store I discovered the matching Nettle oil balancing Shampoo and Lemongrass deodorizing foot powder/lotion. I was very excited about this because i have naturally oily hair :) and my bf has Smelllly feet LOL But a lotion that turned in to a talc seemed really interesting :D
Photos below of my itty bitty haul :)
(ill be buying the rest online)
Bargain :D yey

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

E.L.F Haul/ Review

Well Hello hello hello , I had a lovely package delivered this morning after a long long wait for new stock to be in , Here it is :) YEY.
Soooo I'm quite new to e.l.f and there are somethings I LOVE and other things I think .. hmmm yeah its £1.50 no biggy if i don't like it. Here goes :)

First up the FREE lipglosses I got because of the 50,000 facebook fans :) this was a nice bonus to my order :). I'm not a Massive lipgloss wearer I usually wear lipstick or a clear lip plumper/balm, so I'm not an expert on this :P. .... Because these were free I am happy with them but I wouldn't buy them alone. This is ONLY because I'm not fussed with lipgloss! I will now go into a bit of detail about them, the two glosses with colour (candlelight and Pink kiss) have a shimmer/pearl effect to them which I actually really like and even looking back on the photos now I think ... hmm maybe I'll become a lip gloss girl! they made my lips look Lovely.
The clear gloss (Angel) was actually the one that got me most excited when I swatched on my hand , it has lots of little holographic/purpley blue glitter fleks, when i moved my hand in the light it looked amazing! On my lips not as much , but I still really really like this one and I'm thinking I might use it over lipstick instead. All 3 smell like 5p bubblegum, which doesn't bother me but I know some ppl are really sensitive to smells especially that close under their nose, and they all have a really sweet taste which .. I thought was pretty nice. They were not too sticky but ... I Did feel them on there (which is usually why I don't bother with lipglosses.
So Great for a freebie, angel will def get used but ... wouldn't buy them.
Next Nail Polishes , I got Plum and Mod Mauve (which by the way I was waiting FOREVER to try !!!) Ok Plum , I like this a lot , in the photo below I have two coats on , its got a lovely shine , I LOVE the colour (this will get used a lot going in to winter) I use deep purples on my eyes alot too, yes for £1.50 this one is a BIG thumbs up. Only gripe... really stained my nails hard to get off but .... all dark nail polishes huh?
Ok Mod mauve ... after being so so excited to get this, I was a little disappointed but only for 1 reason. The consistency was very very thin , and as a light colour I needed to apply 3 coats (for photo below) In future I'd prob even apply a 4th. In saying this , I do LOVE the colour, it exactly the type of colour I'm obsessed with just now , these nude/taupe/mauve/ mushroomy colours :) LOVE it... again for £1.50 Thumbs up :) I also really love the little bottles /packaging e.l.f put their nail polishes in.
Ok I LOVE mascaras I'm a Mascara Junkie , its just my thing. So i bought e.l.f's Mineral Mascara which was actually in the Studio line instead of the mineral one ? Weird. Packaging .... I like it love the buffed black casing ... maybe would have liked a bit more info on the tube but that's just me. The brush is one of those silicone numbers :P a bit like lash blast?
What e.l.f say "Mineral Infused Mascara creates fuller, healthier looking lashes. It enhances lashes for a naturally thicker and more volumized look. The long-wear formula and unique silicone brush creates clump free and defined lashes that last all day."
Truth is it DOES make your lashes look lovely and long and totally clump free.... thicker? I'm not so sure about. In the photo below , i have one eye e.l.f and one with my beloved Clinique High impact (which i don't think gets enough credit). After applying I asked my mum ... "which eye looks better?" ..... she chose the clinique eye. We did both agree and they are equally lengthening but clinique just had the edge here. Again though at £3.50 for the e.l.f and £14.50 for clinique its a bit of a no brainer if your only starting out. I'm not totally writing this off , I WOULD buy this again and i do really like the product. Thumbs up :)
Ok This is the E.l.f Eyelid primer (from the normal £1.50 line) I bought this because my mum has never tried eye primer and was intrigued by my Too faced "shadow insurance" but she refuses to pay the price for it ... I told her why not try e.l.f Only £1.50 ill put it in my next order. Below is a swatch of the primer alone (you cant even see the too faced primer on my hand) and then both with urban decay shadow. I noticed that the E.l.f primer is paler , whiter than the Too faced, you can see this easily on my hand. When I applied the shadow ... I think the e.l.f makes it paler , but only SLIGHTLY and if you packed on the colour enough ... I don't think it would matter :) The e.l.f product is a thinner consistency but again £1.50 .... cant complain :)
TIP: when i got this the oils and the pigment had seemed to separate in the tube (dunno if I had a dodgey one) Make sure you give it a mix up first before applying.

Ok Next Up ......E.l.f Brush shampoo, Ive never used a brush shampoo before I've always just used a gentle Hair shampoo , like baby shampoo. I love the packaging of this product and it does the job its meant to ... there isnt much more I can say about this so there is a pic below :) This item is priced at £3.50 for 120ml. Very reasonable and even if you did want to go back to using baby shampoo..... keep the bottle and refill because its co cute/sleek. No perfume so no smell at all :)
I also got the E.l.f Mineral Face primer. I quite like the packaging , pretty sweet and sleek just wish the lid snapped on a bit tighter. I read another review on this product before receiving it in the, the reviewer had said " I didn't like the plastic casing , I hate when you think your getting glass and its plastic"
So I knew I wasn't getting glass BUT I have to agree , would be nicer in glass... then again that would cost more wouldn't it? compromises compromises.
I have also bought the GOSH one lately, I have compared it against that. In the photo below I applied E.l.f to one side and Gosh to the other , then applied my Clinique Gentle Light make up (foundation) all over my face.
I think to look at there's no noticeable difference but there was on applying the products, I found the gosh primer to be greasier than e.l.f. and took longer to soak in. Its now 5 hours later and when I touch my skin , the e.l.f side definitely feels smoother :) but again .. at a glance there's not much difference both do the job superbly and my foundation is still giving me the coverage I need. The main factor here is E.l.f primer is £6.00 and the GOSH primer is ...£13. You get 14ml of e.l.f product and 30ml of gosh. Sooo I'm kinda inbetween. I reckon i will try a few more Primers as I haven't found my Holy Grail yet But if i need to buy more I'll go for elf on this one.
(oh and excuse my eyebrows I'm waxing them at the weekend so they are rather fluffy atm).
Buy ALL of these products at E.L.F

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pressed Flowers :)

Hi there, Ok so its a MISERABLE day in Scotland and its July! rainy and grey :( Soo to brighten my mood I decided to create some lovely collage/ picture frames. I bought these pretty much last year with every good intention to do something lovely with them. At the same time last year I'd been on a lovely woodland walk and picked ALOT of wild flowers :) which where pressed in heavy heavy old books.
So i made these today and I'm very happy with the outcome :) , they are going to be hung up either side of my bed and i just think its lovely to do things like this as they are original to you.

As i said in my profile I enjoy embroidery and crochet so i think i shall be getting back in to that, I may even do a few give aways or sales of embroidered garments or brooches /Alice bands etc :) so if you have any ideas let me know.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Wellll seems all the top high street brands are have a sale :) which makes me very happy. Ive had little look online before i hit the shops , i know this can sometimes result in items not being in store but if that's the case ill purchase from the website , I've just put a few favorites down. But WELL worth a look.
Below Is urban Outfitters :P
1. Nothing is sacred volume tank £38 down to £17.99!
2. Cooperative Floppy Chambre Jumpsuit £60 to £25!!!!!
3. Kimchi & Blue Dress £45 to £21.99
4. Thistlepearl Romper £60 to £29.99

Below is Topshop
1. Enamel Bow Studs £8-£4
2. bee and butterfly necklace £9 - £4.50
3. twisty ring £14-£7
4. Mitzy Bag £45-£35
5. organza bow hoop dress £75 - £50

I thought all of these where Lovely and there were many many more bargains. I also noticed that NewLook have 20% off ALL their summer line now. Worth a look :)
Let me know if any other stores are having any sales , as I love a good bargain :)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

ALMAY Pore Minimizer

Ok so I don't have huge pores but previously i have used Clinique's pore minimiser which i loved, I was given a full sized version during their bonus time giveaway and the only reason its not on my regular shopping list is because as a higher end product it costs a bit more and i dontREALLY need it. But happy to take any free ones :) lol.
SO the Almay brand ... The day i bought this i tried a little over my cheeks (on top of tinted moisturizer and powder from earlier in the day i must add) and i did see some difference (see photo above) , it seemed to take away the shine in my cheeks so nice for mattifing. I only really get oils around my nose so it helped that soo but i wonder if really oily skin would benefit from this?Anyway the packaging is not bad BUT i HATE the plastic case the tube comes in, the tube itself is fine , not too garish, simple, cute purple colour. The plastic box is tacky cheap , quite sinister with its sharp edges and probably not very good for the environment compared to cardboard / paper boxes. I just see no use for the box, just sell the Tube ALONE...... OR like Clinique in a little cardboard box.
Ok so at this point im .... 3 days in to using this product .. used after cleansing at night and moisturizing etc... pic below says it all really..... Pores look NO smaller, and just now as i write this .... my skin feels a bit sticky? BUT i shall carry on give it at least a week before i give up.

Ok this was after day 3 .... I was NOT impressed my pores look magnified! it was awful and i looked greasy but i carried on till at least the week was out.
Ok after 5 days :) Looking much better this is still me with no make up on and ... this picture does look much better. I have to say tho these are taken after application .... for the whole day i think as i said above the skin mattifies but ... later in the day kind of went back to normal.
Above id a picture i took today after 7 days of usage .... I think my skin looks fine... but also not much different? I reckon ill carry on using this but ......wont buy it again, Maybe if someone with bigger pores or oilier skin tried it they would see more noticeable results but for me its a ....Meh.
Hope this has been SOME help to someone lol.

Hey so i went on a little shopping spree/Haul today , mainly because i had to get a few swap items for people but also to get a few extras for future swaps. I picked up a few real bargains, not new products but still i feel worth a look see. The swap item i picked up was Barry M lip paint in Marshmallow 101. I haven't opened the item but swatched it in store and its a Lovely light pretty pink with pearl/shimmer effect , but very nice. I love the consistency of these , but there's none in a colour i Love enough yet to regularly buy.
I use clinique skin care range , but generally through the summer ill use a moisturiser that gradually adds tan as well as my clinique one or just totally swap it for a while. So usually its OLAY gradual tan moisturiser ... but I have had a few gripes about this the eye stinging being the main one! Its the choice id generally go for , but today i saw Neutrogena "Pure Glow" and Johnsons "holiday skin" ( i know this has been out forever because its my mums choice :P and they brought out the version for body before anyone else I think!) and i thought id give them a whirl.

I also got Almay "Pore Minimizer" and "organic fluoride Plus , Grow healthy" nail colour. Ive put a few pics up of each , but because i reckon ill need to try each out for maybe 2 weeks (building up colour on my face, pores minimized?) I'll be doing a full review of each later on.
The Grow healthy nail colour i got is just in natural even though it looks pink in the bottle... give it a few weeks to see if my nails are stronger because i have REALLY thin/soft nails. On first impression tho .. fantastic shine , see pic below and excuse my nails looking yellow :( i think my gradual tan moisturizer has stained them. It Shall be fixed!!! I don't want to look like a nicotine overload :P

Friday, 2 July 2010

Ok so yesterday I joined MUA (make up alley) YES I'm a bit slow on the uptake as i imagine everyone already knows about this. I already have 2 swaps and another one in the pipe line, Its Sooooo exciting , I'm really enjoying it :) Please look me up on there I have a few swap items up just now and willing to ship internationally :)
My MUA Profile
Also if there is anyone who cant get a hold of something in their country Id be willing to get hold of it for a good swap :) (providing I've been paid at the time lol).
Loving this site :) Its my new obsession XXX