Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lush Haul

Ha ha ha Thought i would add this funny pic of my Love lettuce face :)

Hee My lovely Purple Bathos Bath :) mmmm I love violet

Lush Haul :) soo exciting because i have been wanting to try out these products for AGES.
Ok so i bought :-
1. Bathos Bubble Bar - £2.50 per bar
I love this bubble bar , mainly because lush Used to do a soap that smelt like Parma Violets, My flatmate worked in lush and knew of my obsession with violet smells (and tastes) so she bought me the soap. Unfortunately they discontinued my Fave soap but they brought out bathos Which is the closest thing i can get to it. I usually get two baths out of one bar and i LOVE it so value for money.
2. Charlotte Island body tint - £4.95 (for the smaller bottle)
I have wanted to try this for ages , it has lemon in it but i have to say ... i think it smells a bit like chocolate /banana? I have no idea why. You can see the swatch above I applied this to the underside of my arm , on first impression I'm a bit worried its a little streaky BUT i will need to try it out properly blended on my body for the best effect. The colour is great though and i used a face wipe to take some off to show a true line of colour difference. The product feels lovely .. only con i can point out at the moment is it only comes in the one colour.
3. Black Stockings - £7.50 (for one bar)
This is like Charlotte Island but more hinted towards using on your legs. I can see why it has a gorgeous bronzey glow. I reckon even though this product IS tinted i will probably use it once I've applied my St tropez as a base. It smells Beautiful and its main ingredients are cinnamon and Orange oil, the cinnamon scent is deffo there which i love and the orange is not over powering Phew (i say this because I'm not a great fan of citrus). This product also has a sister product called "Silk stockings" for a lighter glow ... i reckon even though this is also aimed at legs I wouldn't get much coverage from it but it would work beautifully across the chest/ collarbones.
4. Love Lettuce facemask - £4.95
As i said earlier I had a flatmate who worked in Lush , I was lucky enough to try out many facemasks from their range, and I don't have an outright favorite they all have their uses. Please check Here for the full range of fresh facemasks. I'm just going to mention a few, Ayesha I love to use before a night out .. it smooths and tones out your skin ... lush don't claim it is a miracle cure but it certainly leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth all evening. Cupcake and me were great friends for years ! I used to have oilier skin and thankfully I've over came that coming in to my 20's , but i HIGHLY recommend this for oily skin and it smells Delicious. Next up is Catastrophe Cosmetic this is Fantastic if your having breakouts or ruddy skin , its almost like blueberry yogurt and calms your skin :) And of course Love lettuce , this has became my staple favorite of late because all skin types can use this and I have normal/ oily skin. It exfoliates and softens with almond and seaweed. At the same time the clay in the mask draws out any oil, it also contains lavender so the smell is pleasant. I use this once a week just as a treat if my skin is not needing any special treatments.
(with all the facemasks they need to be kept in the fridge because they contain no preservatives)

And finally I got myself a sample of "Tuca Tuca" Perfume. My reason for purchase ... i mentioned the violet soap / bathos to the sales assistant , she suggested Tuca tuca as its supposed to be a ....
" The perfume conveys the playful and seductive nature of the song and the dance, which are full of sex appeal." - Lush
On first smell i thought ... "burning wood, smokey" I think it was the sandalwood but the assistant did tell me it was a scent that needed to settle on your skin. I'm writing this now its "settled" after 6 or so hours. I really really like it , it is a sweet and softer smell. It launches in the UK tomorrow apparently but i believe it can be bought on the website and it retails for £23 for 27g. My sample only cost me a quid and there was loads so .... i dunno maybe worth going to buy some of them first instead?

*edit 4 days on and i love this perfume, Im going to purchase the solid 2moro :)

So that's it ... LONG post lol but i hope this was helpful. I'm a great fan of lush and they are always pretty helpful at giving advice and even samples if your unsure of something, All products can be bought Online
Thanks for reading :) xxx

Catastrophe Cosmetic

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