Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Sunday, 1 August 2010

30 Days Blog Tag :) (and other random things)

Ok so first things first I've been a bad blogger , i have had such a busy weekend and this is the first time I've had to sit down and actually get a post done , but I did go shopping the other day and bought lots of lovely things which over the next two days (my days off) I'm making a point of doing some new posts about. For now I'm catching up on my 30 days post Sooo I think I'm on
Day 5.... Favorite Quote
Truth is I believe my mum is the best and she always says "as long as your happy and healthy"
seems simple enough but its so so very true , Love you mum :) x

Day 6 .... Whatever tickles your fancy ..... Ok well I'm going to have a little rant / enquiry about sales assistants. I have worked in retail before, River Island Clothing store to be exact :P But never in a Drugstore/ make up / chemists / make up counter shop blah blah blah. I went in to boots the other day and had some questions hoping for advice, as you know I'm an avid Clinique user but i decided that i fancied buying an eye cream and I really couldn't be bothered trecking to my nearest department store for clinique , decided to venture in to my local Boots store. No7 is quite a mid range brand , they aren't cheap but not designer etc , I asked the girl as a Young 23 year old what would be more suitable ... and all she done was read the back of the box to me. I could have done that my bloody self! (this has happened to me more than once).
So I guess what my question is ... I watch so many you tube vids and read blogs from America where people talk about sales assistants being so helpful and even giving lots of samples to try more things. Is it just Britain where they are a bit useless? and do you need to know your local assistant to get these such samples... Its a pet peeve of mine .... views and opinions much appreciated :)

Day 7 ... Photo that makes you happy , I posted this pic on my very first Cornwall post but , i do love this picture and it does make me very happy , my wonderful boyfriend took this and , its just a lovely photo of us on holiday.
Day 8 ...... Photo that makes you sad /angry.
I think this is a very silly thing to ask , because obviously i don't hold on to photos that make me sad. I chose the photo below because my mum gave me these beautiful flowers on my birthday and I took this when they were dying ... I guess its a little melancholic. I think its beautiful.
Day 9 ...... A photo you took,
Again this was taken in Cornwall and i think its a Gorgeous picture ... I love that i caught the bird flying across too (and it kind of looks like a dolphin :P) Great place
oh well thats me , I promise better posts this week :) xxxxx

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