Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Thursday, 5 August 2010

No7 Goodies and Promo at Boots just now :)

I ventured in to boots over the weekend to buy a few necessities. I never usually buy No7 but I was on the look out for an Eye cream because my Clinique All About Eyes ran out and I honestly couldn't be bothered trecking to my nearest department store to buy it. No7 also had a deal on that meant if you spent £22 or over on No7 you got a free gift , so i thought Why not!
I bought the eye cream and eye pencil below. I really like the cream as the blue gel side is to awaken the eyes (to be used during the day) and the cream is like a soothing moisturizer to be used at night. I'm not saying I wont go back to my Clinique BUT i do really like this and i love that it comes in a "day/night" cream. The gel side makes my eyes feel tight when i first apply it but then it soon wears off and they feel lovely and cool. The cream side leaves my eyes beautifully soft and soothed. It sells for around £17 I think , i went to check the site but its being updated just now ! Grrrr
Now the pencil is just LOVELY I actually bought this to make up the money to get the free gift but my mum has a wedding to go to next week and her outfit is exactly the same colour of jade green this pencil is, so really i bought it for her but there are pics below of me trying it out. It was £7.50 and so worth it, the colour is bright and it goes on super soft, me and my mum swatched it on the back of our hands and had even finished washing the dishes from dinner and the swatch was still there! It doesn't say its waterproof but it really has some staying power!

This was the little set of goodies i received it included :
No7 Lash 360
No7 Protect and perfect Beauty Serum
No7 Cleanse and Care eye make up remover
No7 Lipstick in Pink lemonade
No7 Protect and perfect Day cream
and No7 Stay Perfect eye mousse (in a slate grey)
(oh and it all came in a nice little bag)

Firstly the eye make up remover is great , I never use anything like this usually just simple facewipes , but I might have to check out the price of the full size product because i was very impressed! I have swapped in the Day cream with my Clinique Moisturizer and i have to say i like this also but i think it left me feeling a little greasy, funnily enough i like using this at night better even thought its a day cream because i think its just a bit rich for my skin, I probably wont purchase this but I do like it (might pass it on to my mum). The Beauty serum I'm in LOVE with, I don't know if its a primer? but you use it BEFORE using the day cream and i love the way it leaves my skin feeling Super super smooth! I will definitely be re purchasing this product.
The cosmetics are all nice too but please see below for swatches :)
Below is my EOTD using the No7 metallic eye pencil ... I really love this i might have to go inspect their other colours in the range. I am also wearing the Lash 360 in these photos , I'm kind of "meh" about this product, its nice but doesn't wow me .... and I'm not sure about the brush. Its shaped like a spiral so it has spaces? Yeah i don't get it , not bad but i wont buy again. Same goes for the eye mousse , i wasn't super impressed... it was just a metallic silvery grey .. nothing special. The lipstick is lovely , I thought it was going to be Really bright when i saw it in the tube but actually it goes on really sheer and is very moisturising. Very pretty pink and quite a natural pink i think.
Hope this helps guys :) thanks for reading XXX

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