Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
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Sunday, 22 August 2010

HELP With Contouring PLEASEE

Hi there folks , I'm asking as a favour a question to all that read my blog ..... I have never ever contoured my face before , but i really really want to try it out ..... here is the thing though. I have NO matte bronzers or highlighters etc , all shimmer shimmer and I'd like it to look natural.

For a contouring "kit" or two separate products which would i be best going for ? for my first time? (ohhh sounds naughty)
Even if no one can tell me the best things to try , can anyone maybe tell me who is best to ask ? like which make up counters actually help ....... I usually love the mac ladies ... HATE the benefit ones lol (no offence i used to work at benefit I know you are told to jump down ppls throat upon arrival at a store or counter lol)

Any tips , hints , help will be very very much appreciated.
Thanks Guys xxxx


  1. Eloo I've just purchased the Sleek contour kit from Superdrug the other day and I really like it :) I saw Fleur (Fleur de Force) using it so thought I had to try it :) I'm new to contouring also but like this a lot and for £5.99 you can't really go wrong, becky :) xo

  2. I also heard of this , saw it on a few blog sites. Very intriguing , so there is no shimmer in this? xxx

  3. I've heard great things about the e.l.f studio line cool bronzer- may be worth a try at £3.50 :)

  4. Ahhh i never realised the Cool one was matte.. very interesting :) thank you xxx

  5. I got mine at MUFE, ask for the sculpting kit. the kit has two pans, darker shade for contouring and the other one is for highlighting. Sometimes I also use my MAC MSF or elf's blush and bronzer duo (has little shimmer though)


  6. Hi
    Personally I used the e.l.f contour and blush pallette. they both have small golden shimmers but despite that the shade is very natural and I think it looks really good. Hope that helps!

  7. I like E.L.Fs blush and bronze duo too, but like Daniela said it has a slight golden shimmer but its really pretty and if you blend well it looks good. I also like Benefit '10;' but I bought it off eBay as I hate the benefit counter too.(I don't like shimmer either but both these products are ok for me). Collection 2000 do a gorgeous higlighter for £2.99, it has a pretty pinky flower disgn like clinque. Also rimmel do a good matte bronzer, they have shimmer ones and matte ones and its so natural once belnded out. Hope thats helpful.x

  8. The Cool bronzer is matte indeed! ;) check youtube for tips and tricks about contouring! I've never tried it either, it kinda scares me! lol


  9. I have the Sleek Contour Kit in Light, but haven't really got the hang of it! I can do some swatches for you if that would help?
    We should all take the contouring plunge together!
    Anna x


  10. Well Ladies firstly i just want to say thank you all so much :) what a lovely response. AND to let you know , I was delivered the e.l.f Cool bronzer this morning :) im very pleased I think its going to do exactly what i need it to... even if it is looking a bit scary atm :P
    Im going to give it a try later , swatches and scary pictures of my no doubt Over contoured face will be up shortly. I am still going to purchase the Sleek contour kit ... just out of interest, I might end up liking it better?
    @Anna , I agree We should all post contouring pics/ swatches so i dont feel like a clown :P LOL
    Again thanks so much XXX


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