Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hello hello , I have been super dooper busy this week/end But this is a quick post to show off a palette i bought at Boots last week. Front cover is a newish company that launched in may 2010 to go on sale in boots stores across uk but they also have their own website Here. I originally read about this brand over at Hell Candy Make up so i thought i'd pop in to books and try one of the 4 shadow palette's because they are only £4 , a pound an eyeshadow you cant complain. To my Fantastic surprise boots was doing 50% off Frontcover make up !!! YEY so this HUGE Palette was meant to cost £30 and i got it for £15 , BARGAIN!
So here is a pic of the frontcover Rainbow Eyes Palette , Inside and a wash of colour on my eye lid with the first colour in the box so you have an idea of pigment :) It includes 20 Baked eye shadows , 5 pressed powder eye shadows , Shadowline liquid and two double ended brushes.
Here are swatches of each colour , all taken in natural light (the swatches not the eyeshadow pans) please click for larger pic. I reckon the last 5 are the pressed powder eye shadows as this row is mainly matte with the exception of the 1st one, but rows 2 3 and 4 are raised in a dome shape with pearl shimmer. Row 1 are flat shadows but they are all highly shimmer/pearl.
This pic shows the shadow line liquid , this basically is a clear liquid which turns any of the shadows in to liner. Its a great idea but I'm not sure they have the formula quite right , some of the shadows do not show up as liner very well at all. Still nice to have though.

Overall i really really enjoy this palette , I'm so glad it was on special offer because i probably wouldn't have purchased it (because its a company I've never used before).
ALL of the shimmer / baked shadows are Lovely and blend very smooth on the eye. Its great to travel with , Obviously its too large to pop in your handbag but if your going away for the weekend or on holiday etc means you have pretty much all the colours you need.
I will keep my eye on the company closely for new colours and collections. The mermaid palette has smaller eyeshadow pans but more "sea" colours and Hell candys Review shows great swatches of it.
Run down to boots for a bargain now :) especially if your just wanting to try the company out , the 4 shadow palette's are only £2!!!

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