Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Helloo Just little post to say thank you to Stavroula over at Drug store and BargainLover She awarded me the I <3 your blog award and im so humbled and thankful :) I'm a very new blogger and I am truely thankful to my 14 followers for reading , i hope your still enjoying.
So anyway once i've recieved this award i have to list the 15 blogs that are my most favorites. So in no particular order please see below :)
1. Stavroula at Drugstore & Bargain Lover
2. Louise at ***Sprinkle of glitter***
3. Dara at Belle Du Jour
4. Laura at Lollipop26writes
5. Michele at MicheleMACpinK
6. Anna at Pink Pom Poms
7. Hannah at Hannah Beautiful world (new blog)
8. Aru at Glamourous MakeUp
9. ZebyK at eye to the keyhole
10. Sarah at Glossilcious
11. Sophie at MakeupWonderland
12. Lorraine at The current custom
13. Nicoletta at nicoletta's beauty space

So thats my list :) obviously there are other blogs ... and other bloggers i follow not on blogspot ... i didnt know if i could put them in? I love reading all your blogs :) keep up the good work and thanks again XXX


  1. Hehehe you're so sweet! :) It's lover though, not hunter!! loool ! :P


  2. omg im so sorry :! Ill have that fixed in no time :) .. i dont suppose you could help me out resizing my youtube vid? in my 1st 30 days post? I changed the values in the HTML ... but it hasnt made any difference :( xxx

  3. lol no worries, I'm just teasing you!! ;) I have no idea about editing videos honey, sorry :/



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