Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Saturday, 3 July 2010

ALMAY Pore Minimizer

Ok so I don't have huge pores but previously i have used Clinique's pore minimiser which i loved, I was given a full sized version during their bonus time giveaway and the only reason its not on my regular shopping list is because as a higher end product it costs a bit more and i dontREALLY need it. But happy to take any free ones :) lol.
SO the Almay brand ... The day i bought this i tried a little over my cheeks (on top of tinted moisturizer and powder from earlier in the day i must add) and i did see some difference (see photo above) , it seemed to take away the shine in my cheeks so nice for mattifing. I only really get oils around my nose so it helped that soo but i wonder if really oily skin would benefit from this?Anyway the packaging is not bad BUT i HATE the plastic case the tube comes in, the tube itself is fine , not too garish, simple, cute purple colour. The plastic box is tacky cheap , quite sinister with its sharp edges and probably not very good for the environment compared to cardboard / paper boxes. I just see no use for the box, just sell the Tube ALONE...... OR like Clinique in a little cardboard box.
Ok so at this point im .... 3 days in to using this product .. used after cleansing at night and moisturizing etc... pic below says it all really..... Pores look NO smaller, and just now as i write this .... my skin feels a bit sticky? BUT i shall carry on give it at least a week before i give up.

Ok this was after day 3 .... I was NOT impressed my pores look magnified! it was awful and i looked greasy but i carried on till at least the week was out.
Ok after 5 days :) Looking much better this is still me with no make up on and ... this picture does look much better. I have to say tho these are taken after application .... for the whole day i think as i said above the skin mattifies but ... later in the day kind of went back to normal.
Above id a picture i took today after 7 days of usage .... I think my skin looks fine... but also not much different? I reckon ill carry on using this but ......wont buy it again, Maybe if someone with bigger pores or oilier skin tried it they would see more noticeable results but for me its a ....Meh.
Hope this has been SOME help to someone lol.

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  1. gh for maximum benefits. However I live in NYC and find myself behind an office desk for the better part of the day- so I rarely have the time to bask in the sun for a good 15 min! clogged pores on face


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