Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Monday, 12 July 2010

Body Shop Mid season sale

I have been Dying with a cold this weekend and my head has been hung over a bowl of hot water and vicks vapour for most of it :( SO to cheer myself up I went on a small shopping spree today :) As with most high street stores at the moment The body shop is having a clear out :D this made me VERY VERY happy. As usual I always check out the things I'm going to look for Online before i go in store, helps me to write a little list of things i need to smell or re-think.... "do i really need this?"
I'm really glad i did because here are the things I took note of Online and their ONLINE price ....

Nettle Oil Balancing Conditioner - £1.50
Poppyseed Reviving Mask (hair) - £5.00
Raspberry Body Scrub 200ml - £3.00
Raspberry Body Butter 200ml - £3.00

Now .... when i went In store both the raspberry body butter and scrub 200ml was £5 !???? I have no idea why and i did mention to the girl in the shop that i was going to wait and buy them online as they were cheaper... I don't know if this has been a mistake but in case it is ..... Get on it now! lol
Anyway ... also while in store I discovered the matching Nettle oil balancing Shampoo and Lemongrass deodorizing foot powder/lotion. I was very excited about this because i have naturally oily hair :) and my bf has Smelllly feet LOL But a lotion that turned in to a talc seemed really interesting :D
Photos below of my itty bitty haul :)
(ill be buying the rest online)
Bargain :D yey

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