Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ok so i have just cooked a Lamb and lentil curry/chili for me and my boyfriend :) please find recipe and nutritional info below :) TASTY :)
I would like to say this is my own take on a recipe I got from the BBC good food website/ cookbook.

1 Large Onion Chopped finely,
2 Garlic Cloves,
200g Chopped tinned tomatoes (usually half a can),
1 small Aubergine (roughly 300g) Diced,
Red split Lentils 140g (that's the orange lentils , i don't know why they are called red),
300g Lean Diced Lamb,
1tsbp of Turmeric,
2 tbsp of Mild Chili Powder,
2 tbsp of ground cumin,
1 tsbp of ground coriander,
1tsp of light muscovado sugar,
1 tbsp lemon,
Small bunch of fresh Coriander OR Mint (roughly chopped),
250ml Low fat yogurt.

1. Put the Onion and garlic into a large saucepan/pot with 100ml/3 1/2 fl oz of water (I actually used about 150ml , as the onion i used was really big and i just thought it didn't look enough , use your own judgement).
Bring to the boil and cook for 5 mins , until the onions have softened and nearly all the water has been absorbed.
2. Add the chopped Tomatoes , aubergine , lentils , lamb , lentils , turmeric , chili powder , cumin , coriander , sugar (just used soft brown sugar i had left over from baking) , lemon juice and 450ml / 16 fl oz of water.
(at this stage i swapped the coriander for cinnamon)
Bring to the boil , cover and simmer for 1 hour , until tender (again i changed this part a little , An hour seemed far too long and i had to add in another 100ml of water about 20 mins in , overall i only had it simmering for 45 mins. Obviously again use your own judgement that's what i did)
3. Season well , and stir in most of your fresh coriander OR mint depending on what you chose, add half the yogurt. Remove from the heat.
Serve with basmati rice and the rest of the yogurt and fresh mint.

Very easy and VERY tasty dish , I will deffo be using this again , I actually have froze the leftovers to take to work on Friday :)
This should serve 4 people and takes around 1 1/2 hours to make (mines was quicker as i never left it on for as long).

Per serving 305 k/calories, protein 28g, carbohydrate 32g, fat 8g , saturated fat 4g , fibre 4g , added sugar none , salt 0.4g
(this is Only the values for the curry NOT whatever rice you choose to serve with it)

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