Sunset in Anstruther

Sunset in Anstruther
"taken last year behind fields at my house"

Sunday, 27 June 2010

First Post / Cornwall Visit

Ok , so I'm a little new to all this , but eventually I'm hoping the point in this page will inspire others and be an interesting read. If not then at least a good laugh :P. So I'm going to start talking about a lot of beauty products , fashion bargains , do it yourself fashion and even maybe throw in a few recipes I might like as a Diabetic i eat very healthily and enjoy finding better options in my diet.
Obviously id like to keep up to date with any trips or events I've been on too , So for my first and latest post id like to talk about ...... Watergate Bay in Cornwall England UK.
First time visit for me , i drove down Last Friday from Glasgow and spent a week there. It was Beautiful , I was very lucky the weather was gorgeous All week, who needs to go abroad with views and weather like last weeks. Showing above some pics of the views from my apartment and from the tops of the cliffs. I Highly recommend visiting. :D
Food was also Amazing , lots of fresh seafood which i Love. I the most fun part is its great for surfing and body boarding. I'd never tried either before but with a little help from my boyfriend i couldn't get enough of the body boarding , (even snorkeling).
So I'm now sitting it Sunday night and i have work 2moro :( little depressing. Anyway ill post some more once I've got a few more things to discuss :)

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